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Saifiyah Zaki

Saifiyah Zaki , Co-Editor-in-Chief

Saifiyah Zaki is a senior serving as co-editor-in-chief this year. In her third year on staff, she hopes to continue telling the stories of students that inhabit the campus and the community that surrounds it. 

For Saifiyah, there is no bigger shame than a story left untold. This motivation sparked her interest in the art of journalism and she enjoys every minute of it: the joy of capturing a moment in a photograph, of giving people a voice in writing, or of fighting for what she believes in through opinion pieces. 

Saifiyah knows this year’s talented, hand-picked staff shares the same motivation, and she is eager to see the amazing work they create. She is also incredibly excited to design this year’s print issues and hopes to create beautiful, engaging magazines that the newspaper team and student body alike will be proud to hold. 

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