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Robotics Team Competes in Tournament

April 1, 2021

The Robotics Teams completed their first tournament of the season March 20. Two teams competed this year.  The PESH Bots team received 3rd Place in the Design Award and 2nd Place in the Collins Aerospace...

Life Beyond Earth: Asteroid Bennu

Life Beyond Earth: Asteroid Bennu

by Angela Tatsch, Reporter December 16, 2020

Four and a half billion years ago, our solar system was born from clouds of gas, dust and debris. Amidst the chaos of colliding rocks, our home planet was born, and with it, life. Details on how this cosmic...

College applications during pandemic

by Haris Kalam, Reporter December 16, 2020

College application season has arrived; the time of the year filled with thousands of stressed kids embarking on the journey of taking the step from high school to college. Typically, during the college...

Uyghur forced labor in Xinjiang and what you can do

by Risa Khawaja, Reporter November 19, 2020

Roughly 1 million Uighurs (also spelled Uyghur) along with two other Muslim minorities called the Uzbeks and Kazakhs have been put into Chinese re-education camps for associating or practicing Islam. Though...

Junior Montserrat Barbosa learns how to take photos with varying angles during 3rd period, Sept. 17.

Outdoor learning takes place as students return to campus

September 23, 2020

Students returned to campus Sept. 9 in a hybrid model, rotating synchronous and asynchronous days. By the second week with in person students, classes took the opportunity to learn outdoors. This allowed...

Math Club places fourth internationally in online competition

Math Club places fourth internationally in online competition

by Akie Kasai, Reporter May 13, 2020

The Math Club placed fourth in an international online math competition on May 4. Despite online schooling, the club continues to meet digitally and participates in online competitions to continue refining...

Coronavirus: pandemic or political tool

Coronavirus: pandemic or political tool

by Elena Hamlin, Video Editor April 17, 2020

As COVID-19 entered the United States, it largely entered the world of politics as well. Politicians’ responses to the virus imitated their political views and were analyzed and judged by the public...

Grace over grades

Grace over grades

by Makayla Herron, Copy and Online Editor April 10, 2020

After announcing that schools would remain closed through May 1, Superintendent Sara Bonser gave further details regarding Phase III of the district’s remote learning plan following a video conference...

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