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 “At Panther Prints, our mission is to serve as a connection between the Plano East student body and surrounding communities. Through honest and high-quality reporting, we strive to inform the student body and create an environment of awareness and unity.”


Plano East Senior High School

Journalism Department- Panther Prints

3000 Los Rios Boulevard
Plano, TX 75074-3513

Building B4, Room B4-201


Phone: (469) 752-9000

Adviser Email: [email protected]

Business and Advertsing Inquiries: [email protected]

DM us on Twitter @PESHNewspaper

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Social News Ethic Code

We at the Panther Prints commit to responsibly utilize all of our media platforms to unite and inform the student body. We strive to create original content and attribute credit to all sources. We require our staff to uphold these values and to accurately report the news to the student body and community.  

Social media has become an important part of cultivating a diverse group of sources for our print and digital content. We hold our staff to a standard of responsibly and respectfully reaching out to potential sources and communicating with them through social media. The staff is also expected to fact check any and all information found on social media through various reputable sources.