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The News Source of Plano East Senior High School

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The News Source of Plano East Senior High School

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Tiramisu Croffle

Cafe HwaSan: Where Korean Cuisine Meets American Brunch

by Kayla Vu, Co-Editor in Chief Sep 23, 2022

With students reuniting with their friends and the school year rolling in a wave of tests and assignments, a local cafe rests in the corner of the Park Pavilion Center, providing the perfect place for...

‘Pinocchio’ Review: Bringing Classic Childhood Characters to Life

‘Pinocchio’ Review: Bringing Classic Childhood Characters to Life

by Sydnie Grayson, Co-Editor In Chief Sep 15, 2022

After 82 years, Disney Animation Studios decided to remake the classic film, ‘Pinocchio,’ like they have with other films, such as ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ About a puppet wanting...

Canceling Homophobia Through Unabashed Gayness

by Samantha Heath, Copy Editor Apr 13, 2022

While a rise in representation when it comes to seeing the LGBTQ community on screen is at an all-time high in the United States, such representation is rarely found in Asian media. However, more and more...

‘Further Joy’ Review: Taking Punk Out of Pop Punk Sound

by Claire Tweedie Apr 12, 2022

The release of their third studio album, “Further Joy,” officially set the stage for a maturing in The Regrettes characteristic garage punk rock sound toward a slightly more saccharine sweet pop...

‘Moon Knight’ Review: Promising Start With Mutual Confusion

by Claire Tweedie Apr 1, 2022

In the next round of star-studded superhero shows released on Disney+, “Moon Knight” takes a different approach to these highly anticipated stories by introducing an entirely new character to the...

The Batman: Embracing Influence Without Sacrificing Authenticity

by Aziz Syed, Reporter Mar 19, 2022

Matt Reeves’ take on Batman is entirely unique and stands out from the eight live-action Batman films that precede it by introducing a dark, rough and gritty narrative that mimics the most recognized...

“The Gay Agenda:” Netflix’s spin on the LGBTQ experience

by Abby Nguyen, Creative Director Jan 18, 2022

“The Gay Agenda.” When one hears this term, there are often negative connotations attached to the phrase because of the homophobic way it was used in the past to describe the efforts to advance LGBTQ...

Best Albums of 2021: Rishi’s Top 10 Picks

by Rishi Mallela, Sports Editor Jan 5, 2022

Amidst the many ups and downs of 2021, top artists continue to provide for their fans, releasing new albums from varying genres. From pop artists like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo to hip-hop artists...

“Monsta X: The Dreaming” Documentary

by Samantha Heath, Copy Editor Dec 10, 2021

Branching out into the western music industry for the second time since the release of their first studio English album “All About Luv,” k-pop band Monsta X released their brand-new documentary “Monsta...

Spooky Stickers

by Kayla Vu, Reporter Oct 19, 2021

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