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‘Scenes From a Marriage’: Chemistry, Cinematography At It’s Finest

by Claire Tweedie September 15, 2021

Based on the 1973 Swedish miniseries of the same name, Hagai Levi’s remake of “Scenes From a Marriage” starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain follows a deteriorating marriage over multiple...

‘The Card Counter’: Cinema’s Newest Bad Beat

by Claire Tweedie September 14, 2021

Minimal marketing combined with the duality of glowing reviews from critics and negative reviews from audience members sets the stage for “The Card Counter'' as an ultimately lackluster and confusing...

Cinderella: Modern Takes on Classic Fairy Tales

by Sydnie Grayson September 13, 2021

Amazon Prime’s new “Cinderella” adaptation with Camila Cabello and Billy Porter has gotten lots of attention from critics lately, particularly for its modern take on the classic story. Since...

Shang-Chi: New Faces, New Successes

by Claire Tweedie September 12, 2021

With the return of movies in theatres, Marvel braved the new frontier during Labor Day Weekend with their latest superhero movie, “Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings.” As the newest superhero...

“Love, Victor:” barely above average queer representation

by Samantha Heath, Copy Editor May 12, 2021

“Love, Victor'' is a 10 episode show on Hulu following the life of a half Puerto Rican, half Columbian-American teenager named Victor (played by Michael Cimino) as he goes through his life both facing...

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

by Samantha Heath, Copy Editor February 23, 2021

WandaVision Review: A new take on reality

WandaVision Review: A new take on reality

by Claire Tweedie, Reporter January 22, 2021

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicks off Phase 4 with a jam packed setup of Disney+ shows amid multiple delayed movies, “WandaVision” raises questions and sets high expectations on the direction...

Life Beyond Earth: Asteroid Bennu

Life Beyond Earth: Asteroid Bennu

by Angela Tatsch, Reporter December 16, 2020

Four and a half billion years ago, our solar system was born from clouds of gas, dust and debris. Amidst the chaos of colliding rocks, our home planet was born, and with it, life. Details on how this cosmic...

The delicious Filipino Christmas Flan dessert with a bite taken!

Classic Filipino Christmas Desert

by Risa Khawaja, Reporter December 9, 2020 RECIPE INSTRUCTIONS: Grease or prep pan and preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Fill a larger pan with hot water and place flan pan inside to bake. Flan mix: 1...

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