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Racing to success

Senior Grant Wilcox poses in Oklahoma State University gear.
by Jad Baajour, Sports Editor December 5, 2019

Fresh start

Proud Coach: Rose smiles on Sept. 13 as she watches her new cheer team perform at the pep rally. This was their first performance of the year, so she felt excited to see her cheerleaders show the school what they’re capable of.
by Carrieona Moncure, Reporter November 13, 2019

Golden boy

Golden Girls, Golden Smiles: Junior Charles Igbo laughs at something another drill team manager says Friday, Nov. 1. The managers gathered at the beginning of practice on the band pad to prepare for the football game against Plano West later that night. “Usually I ride with band to the games, but before halftime I go with [the Golden Girls] and I stand on the sidelines and do whatever I [need] to,” Igbo said. “It’s always exciting.”
by Makayla Herron, Copy and Online Editor November 6, 2019

Drill team lieutenant, Pom Squad

Senior lieutenant Kaytie Cooke standing front-center at the pep rally on Sept. 13, 2019.
by Isis Martin, Reporter October 24, 2019

Plano East vs. Prosper High

Driving down the field: Junior quarterback Dylan Hayden hands the football off to Senior running back Trey Scott-Jones during the Sep. 27 football game against Prosper High School. This run helped set up a missed field goal attempt in the first quarter. Photo by Morgan Brown.
by Ethan Johnson, Sports Reporter September 30, 2019

Lock Talk: Episode 2

by Jad Baajour, Sports Editor September 16, 2019

Bigger than football

Coach Rapp teaches 4th period AP Economics on Sep. 6th.
by Jad Baajour, Sports Editor September 13, 2019

Lock Talk: Episode 1

by Jad Baajour, Sports Editor September 5, 2019

Dressing Out Becomes Dressing Down

Junior and soccer player Dylan Mandala holds a soccer ball and shows off his earing on April 23.
by Gracie Warhurst, Reporter April 30, 2019

Tracking Down First Place

by Hayden Schrauff, Reporter April 17, 2019
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