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The News Source of Plano East Senior High School

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Undefeated Streak: Boys Basketball Advances to State Championship

The team cheers after a player scored at the game against Allen on February 27 at the Curtis Culdwell Center in Garland.

Editor’s Note: As of March 9, 2024, the boys varsity basketball team is state champions, with a record of 40-0. They fought hard in the Throne National Championship, however losing the basket in their second game, finishing their complete season with a record of 41-1.

After a full district season, the boys varsity basketball team is state-bound, preparing for the two games this upcoming Friday and Saturday, March 8-9. The team also qualified for the Throne National Championship in New Jersey on March 27-30. Following the tough match against Northwest Eaton High School and Keller High School at the Wilkerson-Greines activity center in Fort Worth, the team is now District, Area and Regional Champions.

“We’re happy that it all paid off,” senior Carter Buchanan said. “It’s a big accomplishment. [38-0] has never been done before, [we’re] the first team in Texas [to do this]. The game is bigger than basketball. It’s not all about just basketball. Especially with the year coming to an end, it’s more about what we’ve built as a team instead of playing just for myself.”

Over the past year, the basketball team strived and maintained an undefeated streak. With coaches like Matt Wester, Michael Godwin, and Gregory Thomas, the team is still practicing every day in hopes of achieving their final goal.

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“Playing basketball at Plano East is unique and it’s like no other team in the state of Texas,” senior Amanni Koutsakis said. “It’s a brotherhood and it’s a group of dudes that have been playing together for forever. No other team has the bond and chemistry; the things that we do, no other team has that. We’re all one mind and the dream that we’ve had for the past [four years] has finally come true. We all worked hard and had the right mindset to complete it.”

As the team heads off to the State semifinals on Friday, they reflect on how their season has impacted them. For Buchanan, their brotherhood keeps them together and helps in maintaining their perfection.

“It’s crazy to think about how fast it’s going by and now it’s not really hitting me like if we lose, that could be our last game; I haven’t really thought about that,” Buchanan said. “I feel like it wouldn’t be like you’re losing basketball, it’d be more like losing a brotherhood and the family that we built.”

Most of the players on the team are seniors, including senior Xavier Miller, who scored a majority of the points in the past few games for the team. With 11 seniors, this is their last season together on a high school basketball team.

“We’re really taking one day at a time, game by game,” Miller said. “We’re really focusing on what the coach says and what he has planned in the game for us and really go out there and execute.”

Other than the seniors, the only sophomore on the team, Moustafa Abualneel, will go into next year, attempting to maintain the same reputation as this year’s team. As a center for the team, Abualneel hopes to learn more from the other players.

“It feels great being able to learn from all of the seniors and being able to take in all I can before they go on to next year,” Abualneel said. “I get to learn a lot and playing with my brothers and my family. [Next year], I’m going to take what I learned from this year and these guys and lead us in the battle.”

Despite the undefeated record and great accomplishments, some players, like senior Isaiah Brewington, endured injuries that took them out of a couple of games. After breaking his nose, Brewington had to wear a mask in order to protect his face while playing.

“What I’ve taken from my last year is to treat every game like it’s your last game because you never know whenever you might get injured or what could happen,” senior Isaiah Brewington said. “I learned that personally because I was injured a few games and being able to trust my teammates to get the win as they’ve been doing.”

Following the triumphant win on March 2, the team is hopeful in winning semifinals and finals for the State Tournament in San Antonio, along with several fans following them to watch this performance of mastery.

“Coming into the season, we were doubted and we just want to prove a point,” senior Narit Chotikavanic said. “You can do anything you put your mind to.”


Note from the Plano East boys varsity basketball team: “2024 out.”

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