The News Source of Plano East Senior High School

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The News Source of Plano East Senior High School

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The News Source of Plano East Senior High School

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Remembering Zachary

by Aveesa Bhayani, Reporter Sep 22, 2022

Zachary Schrah’s heart beats rapidly as he runs to practice on the football field. After his heart suddenly stopped, Schrah passed away from sudden cardiac arrest on April 2, 2009. A student at Clark...

Thirst for Knowledge: 2021-22 Graduating Class Valedictorian Named

by Claire Tweedie, Editor in Chief May 23, 2022

After months of sitting in front of his computer screen, Ishaan Javali’s junior year acclimated him to a new era of virtual learning, culminating in this congratulatory moment. The transcript that lays...

Senior Reflections

by Abigail Cardenas May 5, 2022

As the school year approaches its ending and seniors begin to finalize their high school careers, they reflect on the past four years. With deep consideration for their accomplishments, setbacks and biggest...

Collaboration in National Speech and Debate Tournament Preparation

by Jackelyn Theiur Apr 26, 2022

As senior Jay Namdhari gets out of bed to prepare for the second speech and debate tournament of the week, he packs his bag and heads to school just in time to get on the bus. Sitting with his team, he...

Lion dancers battling a snake during their performance on Jan. 27. The snake is a popular choice to play as an obstacle in blocking good fortune. The routine, also known as Snake Cheng, consists of the lions acting out combat-like movements until the enemy is dead.

Driving Diversity with Lion Dance Club

by Kayla Vu Feb 10, 2022

As the loud sounds of cymbals crashing, drums beating and gongs ringing excite the gym, the dancers under colorful sequin costumes begin to move, bringing the lion to life. With the tradition rooted in...

Senior captains Kendall Pinkerton, Gio Linscheer and Megan Lam lead the team cheer during the FISD TISCA Dual Meet Champs on Nov. 12.

Swim Captains Keeping Unity

by Kayla Vu, Reporter Dec 13, 2021

Amidst the sounds of splashing water and chatter, a group of voices cut through and drown out the noise. Senior captains Kendall Pinkerton, Gio Linscheer and Megan Lam shout out the first cheers of pride...

Building Connections Through Written Words

by Samantha Heath, Copy Editor Dec 7, 2021

As the scribbling of pencils and pens upon an array of stationery is heard from down the fine arts building hallway, junior Celeste Lee stands in front of the laughter-filled classroom with her co-president...

The final five in one of the last rounds compete for the title of Musical Chair winner.

Musical Chairs: Uniting Student Body Through Game

by Sydnie Grayson, Reporter Nov 16, 2021

As students walk into a room of peers, full of excitement, to begin the epic game of musical chairs, they quickly learn they have to expect the unexpected. A typical game of musical chairs is played with...

Senior Elsa Christensen and junior Riley Welock explain the Golden Girls Club’s activity to the students.

Paloween’s Comeback After COVID

by Aziz Syed, Reporter Nov 2, 2021

The Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALS) Club held the annual Paloween event at school Oct. 26. Students from elementary schools around the district were invited to campus to play games and interact with...

Local Cafe Owner Endures Breast Cancer Fight

by Abigail Cardenas, Video Editor Oct 28, 2021

With a pixie-length, freshly-growing mane, yet smiling as bright as ever, Cafe Bohemia’s Evie Rossi welcomes guests back into her cafe for private, creative activities while she rebuilds her strength...

Making Differences With Next Generation Nations 

by Aziz Syed, Reporter Oct 15, 2021

The Next Generations Nations (NGN) Club started last year as the first NGN chapter in Texas. The club was created with the goal of educating students about the challenges around the world and enlightening...

Gratitude Wall: Hopeful Endeavor by Hope Squad

by Rishi Mallela Oct 6, 2021

President senior Ashton Kendall, sticky notes in one hand, Sharpie in the other, stands beside the wall adjacent to IB Commons- the Gratitude Wall. Vice President senior Kevin Cao holds his phone, reciting...

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