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Kayla Vu

Kayla Vu, Reporter

Kayla Vu is in her junior year and is pumped up to be a reporter for this year’s Panther Prints crew. As a first-time member of the staff, she looks forward to broadening her abilities with creative writing and developing more social connections with people in her school community. Aside from her activities within school, she enjoys exploring diverse hobbies. On the daily, Kayla takes time reading books of all different kinds of media and genres from classical literature to graphic novels. She also holds great interest in the arts and enjoys drawing or editing photos while listening to her favorite songs. Most of the time, however, she’s probably just playing a video game or joking around with her friends. Even though she already has a handful of hobbies, Kayla is excited to add newspaper to the list. With this opportunity of being on the staff, she hopes to write for not only herself but for the members of her community as well. 


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October 19, 2021
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