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Falling on Deaf Ears: Hollywood’s Lacking Representation in Hearing Media

by Claire Tweedie December 7, 2021

A rising call for diversity has begun to reshape the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), as both new and old faces create a modern mold of what a superhero can look like. The most recent, and possibly...

Need for Mental Health Education, Services

by Jackelyn Theiur December 6, 2021

As students get older and begin to take on more schoolwork, the time they have to focus on their health progressively decreases. The lack of availability to make plans, play sports and do things that...

Age Restrictions on Self-Defense Items

by Abigail Cardenas November 10, 2021

Currently in Texas, it is illegal to carry self-defense items such as pepper spray and mace unless you are older than 18 years old. This law poses a threat for vulnerable young women around the state,...

“Love, Victor:” barely above average queer representation

by Samantha Heath, Copy Editor May 12, 2021

“Love, Victor'' is a 10 episode show on Hulu following the life of a half Puerto Rican, half Columbian-American teenager named Victor (played by Michael Cimino) as he goes through his life both facing...

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review: Another success for Marvel shows

by Claire Tweedie, Reporter March 25, 2021

Following the season finale of “WandaVision” which premiered on March 5, fans began to wonder if its success was merely a stroke of luck for Marvel, but the first episode of “The Falcon and the Winter...

Abbot puts lives of Texas residents at risk with the end of statewide mask mandate

by Mohammed Modi March 5, 2021

Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s March 2 announcement ending the eight-month-long mask mandate and opening business capacities up to 100%, will be made effective on Wednesday, March 10. Under no circumstance...

Wallows EP “Remote”: Unabashedly experimental, undeniably good

by Claire Tweedie, Reporter November 10, 2020

Quarantine has proven to be a time of self-reflection and exploration for everyone, but while some people chose to bake bread or learn Tiktok dances, LA based indie rock band Wallows made the best...

“Tenet” Review: Christopher Nolan delivers visually exceptional movie, lacks clear narrative

by Mohammed Modi, Reporter October 4, 2020

One of Hollywood's most celebrated filmmakers, Christopher Nolan, who directed some of the most critically acclaimed movies of the past two decades such as “The Dark Knight” and “Inception” put...

How COVID-19 could affect education and learning

How COVID-19 could affect education and learning

by Sonali Menon, Reporter May 27, 2020

Students filled the hallways in excitement at the end of the school day March 6 as they said goodbye to their teachers and friends. Wishes such as "Have a good spring break!" filled almost every corner...

Wholesome, heartfelt film: “The Half of It” review

Wholesome, heartfelt film: “The Half of It” review

by Joelle Tindal, Reporter May 21, 2020

As the end of the (very weird) school year approaches, a combination of postponed movie release dates in theaters and an increased amount of time at home creates the ideal environment for binge-watching...

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