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New Perspective: Eyes Of Our Goalies


The pressure that comes with being a soccer goalie is unimaginable. Goalies are stereotyped as the “mad men” of soccer. They constantly do what it takes to make sure the ball does not go inside the goal no matter what the outcome is. Only some players will be able to work with these types of standards. The position requires a lot of responsibility and determination.

“The biggest stereotypes [for]  goalies are [that they are] crazy people,” Junior Varsity Coach Justin Bailey said. “They have no fear for their life.”

Sophomore Jorge Hernandez, goes on his fifth year of playing keeper. He first started soccer at a young age and quickly found a passion for it. Soccer continues to bring him lots of lifelong friendships and memories. Playing keeper however is not an easy position, it can put a lot of pressure on the player that can sometimes break them. Making one mistake in a game can make the rest of the players turn their back on the keeper. The keeper’s bad moments are more seen than the good. This does not change how he feels about his position. Hernandez creates standards higher for himself so he can motivate himself to win the game. His lifelong passion is what makes him such an admirable player. 

“My passion for soccer was never just a hobby, it was a reflection of who I am and I’m grateful for the personal growth it has given me,” Hernandez said.
Junior Dhruva Mellacheruvu plays left back for JV. He works alongside the goalies and admires their hard work. The goalies in his perspective are the blanket of the team. They are the ones you look for to protect the ball. Mellacheruvu understands the pressure the goalies are under. Every player relies on them to play well and stay focused on the game. Without the goalies, the team would lack confidence in winning. 

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“As a defender, I put a lot of trust in my keeper and he has to do the same,” Mellacheruvu said. “I think we’re glad to have someone back there who we can trust to save us and they’re the most important position on the team.”

Junior Gage Gomez, is in his third year of playing keeper. He first started playing this position in his freshman year of high school. Gomez is quick to block goals by diving for the ball. Communication is a big part of being a keeper to him. He gets the view of the whole field and can see what should be done. Guiding the players and helping them from a view they do not see is helpful to the whole team. It is not always easy as a keeper though. Constantly throwing your whole body to block goals can cause lots of injuries. 

“I’m a big communicator, so I’m always yelling because I can see the whole field, I’m always talking and communicating with people,” Gomez said. “It’s hard throwing yourself all across the goal.”

Coach Bailey uses a system to pick out goalies. For him, it is easy to see who is qualified and who might not be. A perfect keeper to him are players who are good with their feet. It is also about trust. Trusting his keepers to make the right calls during an intense game is important. Not all coaches keep that importance in the players. Both of the goalies he chose this season are different in their own ways. Their differences both impact the team for the better. Bailey coaches in a way that is unique to others. He lets them build up any play and watches how they can handle it. Trusting his keepers is the best way to help them succeed past this year.

“The way I like to coach I see the goalie as the main player that builds up each play, not all coaches see it that way but I’ll always pick a goalie based on their skills with their feet and their hands,” Bailey said. “I trust them both a lot especially compared to other goalies who tried out.”


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