Panther Prints

Myh Seyoum

Myh Seyoum, Co-Editor in Chief

Myh Seyoum is a senior this year and the Co-Editor in Chief of Content for the Panther Prints. She is incredibly excited to continue her love for and exploration of journalism this year through helping lead the newspaper staff in developing their interests. Whether writing an article for the print publication or website, spending many (many) hours completing her IB homework, volunteering through various programs, or swimming for her school’s swim team, Myh values doing things right and doing them well. As an INTJ on the MBTI, she is a critical thinker and is always curious to learn about everything around her. She is generally reserved, but her habesha roots have taught her to be kind and generous to others with her time, efforts and care (So never be afraid to come up to her and say hi!). Myh looks forward to expanding the impact of the Panther Prints this year and through it wishes to fulfill a purpose of observing, informing, connecting and entertaining her community.

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