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Samantha Heath

Samantha Heath, Copy Editor

Samantha Heath is a junior and a first-year on the Panther Prints staff as a copy editor. Although she may present herself as the human embodiment of an introvert, she’s very excited to contribute to the newspaper this year, hoping to improve both her leadership skills and her proficiency in writing.  She appreciates the opportunity to work with such an important group of people and plans to give it her all- whether she’s writing or editing- to create enjoyable content for every student to enjoy.

If she’s not spending all of her time working on her homework, you’ll find her running on just a few hours of sleep and giving what little free time she has to the comfort of her hobbies. Her favorite pastimes include writing, drawing and just about anything else that doesn’t involve going outdoors to complete. She’s very interested in the musical aspects of art and wishes that she had learned an instrument or had joined choir, as singing is another one of her many hobbies. (Of course, only when she’s alone will she act on that interest.) At the end of the day, however, writing is her main passion and she hopes to create a successful career in literature sometime in the future.


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