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Samantha Heath

Samantha Heath, Copy Editor

Samantha Heath is a senior who has been on the Panther Prints staff as a copy editor for two years. Having the chance to take a more active role as a leader this school year, she strives to break out of her shell and help others in the staff reach their full potential. She’s happy to be able to get to know everyone in the staff more personally, and hopes they can make a lot of great articles for everyone to read this year. 

While she might be a little quiet upon the first time you meet her, she opens up easily when given the opportunity to engage in conversation. When she’s not trying to handle the responsibilities that come with being a senior, she’s spending time on her hobbies- which may or may not include something that’s actually productive. Usually, though, her main focus will be on literature as a whole, as she plans to pursue the knowledge she learns in newspaper to further her career in the field. 


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