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Reid McEowen

Reid McEowen, Co-Editor In Chief of Content

Hi, I am Reid McEowen, and I am this year's Co-Editor in Chief of Content for the Panther Prints. This is my second year of newspaper, and I served as a staff member for last year’s newspaper team. I have recently discovered my love for reading and writing, and I’m always eager to learn about anything. I have always found sports to be the most interesting subject, and I am always striving to learn all I can about any sport. My inability to play sports due to numerous injuries led me to find a new place to express my sports opinion.

Newspaper is the perfect platform for me to express my opinion and to explore my desire to learn more about the world. This class is a staple part of my life, and I can’t picture a future where I don’t continue to pursue journalism. I can’t wait to spread the truth and raise awareness to the community.

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