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Sports Highlights 2017-2018

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Sports Highlights 2017-2018

Jackson Traylor (junior) on the golf course.

Jackson Traylor (junior) on the golf course.

Photo by Jon Engelking

Jackson Traylor (junior) on the golf course.

Photo by Jon Engelking

Photo by Jon Engelking

Jackson Traylor (junior) on the golf course.

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Varsity wins against Jesuit, 41-30, at  the Cotton Bowl on Sept. 9. Senior Trey Hunter had 238 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns.

“Before the game I was excited, but also a little nervous.” senior Luis Cruz said. “Once we started playing I started worrying, since it was a close game, but once we won I felt like a champion. Winning felt really good.”


Varsity wins against Wylie High School, 3-0, on Sept. 22 scoring 25 points in the first set, 29 in the second, and 25 again in the third set.

“After the game I felt, along with the rest of the team, excited that we had come out with another win but also relieved that we had taken care of business, as we went into the game expecting to win.,” junior Nicole Anderson said.


Boys varsity basketball scores a win against Strake Jesuit, from Houston, Texas, winning 42-37. Girls varsity basketball wins against Victoria East High School, 68-42, at the Austin Bowie Tournament on Nov. 10.

“Before the game, I was kind of nervous because their status was higher than us last year and they have a lot of Division 1 players, but I was excited to be able to prove that I can play at that same level,” junior Tavy Diggs said.


Girls varsity soccer wins against Wylie High School, 5-0, on the last game of the season, March 23. Goals were scored by Cat Elwonger (senior), Lauren Sartin (senior), Elan Martin (senior), Hailey Woodward (senior) and Angel Shamba (freshman).

Boys varsity soccer wins against Allen High School 2-1, on March 6 earning second place in the district and a spot at state playoffs.

“The game was bittersweet,” junior Tory Suddarth said. “It was the last game with the seniors, but we won 5-0 to finish the season off with a bang.”

Cross Country:

Devin Vallejo (senior) places second in the 5,000 meter run at the NXR South Regional Championships with a time of 16:32.2 on Nov. 18. Martha Brown (senior) places 1st in the 5,000 meters at the NXR South Regional Championships with a time of 19:13.0 on Nov. 18, 2017.

Track and Field:

Boys varsity track breaks the school record for the 4×200 meter relay race at the preliminary race at Regionals on April 27. They placed third, one spot away from qualifying for the state championship. The runners on the relay race are junior Josh Allison, junior Tyler Owens, senior Travone Bradley and sophomore Trevion S. Jones.

“Before the [4×100 relay] race I was so nervous, all those people watching you [at the race] and I had been in a boot for two weeks.” junior Braylon Henderson said. “I had surgery on my foot two days before the race, so I was worried that I wasn’t going to make it through.”


Varsity wins against Plano West High School 12-3 on March 20. Junior varsity wins 10-4 against Wylie High School at the district opener on March 6, 2018.

“We were so hype; [Plano] West has always been a great rival and it’s always a great game against them,” senior Gabriela Lopez said. “The game was definitely even more intense. We  started the game with two runs and our momentum went off of that and we just kept up our bats and our awesome defense. After the game we felt great, we were back on our winning streak and nothing felt better.”


Varsity wins against Berkner High School 10-3 on Feb. 26, 2018. Junior varsity wins against Keller High School at the Duncanville JV Tournament on March 3, 2018. “I was confident and relaxed before the game, but once it was over I felt pretty accomplished,” junior Jonathan McNair said.

“We played well the day before so going into the game, the team was relaxed and we were just planning to have fun.” junior Easton Pilipchuk said.


Senior Libby Winans set two new school records at the district 6-6A golf tournament, advancing to regionals: she shot a 13-under-par total of 131; this is also her fourth consecutive year advancing to regionals. Senior Hunter Pierson and junior Jackson Traylor shoot 10-over-par total of 154 and 13-over-par total of 157 respectively at the district 6-6A golf tournament.  

“I had a lot of fun at districts.” junior Jackson Traylor said “Even though I didn’t place for regionals, I’m still excited to try again next year.”


Varsity bowling beat Wylie 10-5 on Jan. 20. Freshman Cole Christner was the MVP of this game. He bowled a 487 singles series, which secured him the anchor spot on the team. He finished the season with a 200 average, placing him 8th in the district.  The top 8 singles bowlers go on to bowl in the All District State Championship. Cole was part of that team and the team won the championship on April 8.  

“We started off losing the match so I was pretty nervous.” junior Bennett Donnelson said. “But we made a come back and ended up winning, so that felt really good.”


James Baldwin qualified for state on Feb. 2 for the 50 yards freestyle race, he placed second at the 2-6A Regionals and placed 22nd at the 6A State Championship on Feb. 16.

“[Qualifying for state] was awesome because I’d been working for four years for this and I barely missed it last year.” senior James Baldwin said. “I also think it was a lot more fun of an experience because I had teammates going with me [to state], it wasn’t just me.”

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