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“Tenet” Review: Christopher Nolan delivers visually exceptional movie, lacks clear narrative

October 4, 2020

One of Hollywood's most celebrated filmmakers, Christopher Nolan, who directed some of the most critically acclaimed movies of the past two decades such as “The Dark Knight” and “Inception” put...

Disney movie Mulan boycott over human rights abuses

September 24, 2020

Disney’s new live-action movie “Mulan” faces backlash over its filming location, where millions of Muslims are being detained in concentration camps and its leading actress supporting Hong Kong police...

Technicolor Worlds

April 10, 2018

Color use and vivid imagery, combined with good writing and acting, are what turn movies into cinematic works of art. Since the color revolution of television in the 60s, film has never been the same....

Holiday Must-Watch List

Washington National Christmas Tree
December 18, 2017

Several Titles Leaving Netflix As Contracts End

Several Titles Leaving Netflix As Contracts End
October 5, 2017

Many Netflix titles are leaving the service in the next few months as networks terminate their contracts. Some networks decided to move their shows to other streaming services, such as Hulu, or streaming...

Top Three Events for the Weekend of Jan. 20th

Top Three Events for the Weekend of Jan. 20th
January 20, 2017

Travel to the Tropics Family Festival: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, this is a chance to explore two stories full of tropical butterflies and get up close and personal with some species and learn where they come...

December Issue Crossword Key

December Issue Crossword Key
December 8, 2016

Hidden Netflix gems

April 9, 2016

A can of soda, a box of pizza, feet on the sofa and Netflix; everything is set for the perfect night, until you realize you've watched every single episode of "The Office" far too many times. "House of...

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