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Abby Nguyen

Abby Nguyen, Reporter

Abby Nguyen is a junior and reporter for this year’s Panther Prints staff. Even as a little girl, Abby was always found with a pencil in her hand, with which she would write stories and fairytales. Without creativity or writing, she wouldn’t be who she is today. Ecstatic about joining the staff, Abby is thrilled to share her passion for writing and to get to know the student body on a personal and meaningful level. In her free time, she loves to paint, watch TikToks all day long, and go shopping. Abby enjoys anything that has to do with art and would love to pursue a career that involves working with her hands, specifically surgery. This year, Abby wants to listen to the voices of the school that go unheard and share the stories that matter to her. She is a huge advocate for speaking up for what you believe in and wants to show people that the newspaper team does just that. 

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