Panther Prints

Abby Nguyen

Abby Nguyen, Creative Director

Abby is a senior and the creative director of the Panther Prints this year. As someone who loves to pursue artistic endeavors like painting, sewing clothes and making jewelry in her free time, Abby is excited to design the newspaper this year. Last year, newspaper allowed her to move out of her comfort zone and strive to learn more about the world around her, so she can’t wait to spend her last year of high school continuing to grow. Abby’s main goal this year in newspaper is to share the stories that deserve to be told and to amplify the voices that go unheard. She has always been a people pleaser and was constantly pushed to be a “science” person, but newspaper encouraged her to pursue her love for English in the present and in the future. Despite being an introvert, Abby looks forward to expanding her horizons through listening to students’ stories and getting to know the student body one person at a time.


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