Cosmetics in color

Entrepreneurs who pioneered representation in beauty industry

by Fatima Malik, Reporter

As an avid skincare and makeup shopper, I love websites like Glossier that represent different skin types, companies like Fenty Beauty that sell products suiting a variety of skin tones, and stores like Sephora with scanners to analyze any customer’s skin and find the right shade for them. While there is no denying there are still issues concerning companies producing a variety of darker shades (with the proper undertones), we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for those who recognized the need for representation of people of color in the cosmetics industry.

The many people who acknowledged the lack of representation and attempted to create better products for those of color, despite facing harsh prejudice in the 1900s, led entrepreneurs like Huda Kattan and Rihanna to the success they’ve had in recent years. The cultural representation we currently have in the beauty industry will always be due in part to these men and women who created products for people of color.