Exam Exemptions

What needs to be done regarding exam exemptions

by Jacob Murphy, Co-Sports Editor

The topic of exemptions is becoming the center of attention around the school after the news of the extension of absences from four to nine. Students are now able to miss nine days of a class and still be able to avoid the final exam. Students will also have to average the required grade in the second semester. In AP classes, a minimum grade of 80 is required while an 85 is required in regular and honors classes.

The grades should not have an impact on students being exempt from their exams; the students are seniors and if they are serious about school and their future, they will show up to class and not have to worry about a grade. If the student shows up to class, pays attention and does their work during class every day then they will have a good grade in the class.

The same argument can be made for the absences. Some students can miss class and still have a good grade in the class. Certain students are able to teach themselves for the test, which will eventually cancel out the daily grades which they might not have done due to absences.

When students get the flu or obtain a sickness, they shouldn’t have to worry about missing school and missing out on exam exemptions. If a student has eight absences already for the semester and obtains the flu, they should not have to come to school and make others sick in order to be exempt, they should stay away from as many people as possible so others don’t get sick.

While an argument can be made for both factors leading to exemptions, both of them can’t be removed. If that were the case, students could do literally whatever they wanted to with their grades and absences and still be exempt from the exams. The grade requirement should be moved down to at least a 75 for both AP and honors classes and class absences should be unlimited.

While there have already been changes to the structure, more changes are needed to further please the majority of the student body.