Social Media Empowers Adolescents, Gives Them A New Voice

Social media, especially Twitter, allows many teenagers to find their place in the world, and gives them a chance to be heard. It allows them to be more aware of world issues, be open about their struggles and express their opinions. Social media has empowered adolescents and lets them have a voice in the world.

Teenagers keep up with the news more often, usually using Snapchat and Twitter as their source. Using this as a resource allows them to be more connected to the world around them, and they receive the information in a timely manner. Simply being educated on the issues, around the world, empowers them, and inspires change in their daily lives. Instead of being told by their parents what to believe, they are able to read the news on Twitter and create their own opinion. However, it is important to watch out for fake news.

Social media also allows adolescents to interact with the world around them. As opposed to just reading the news, they are now able to go on Twitter and react to the news. They can give their opinion on the issues they see around them, and they have an audience. Others can also interact with them, creating a conversation about something they agree or disagree on, allowing them to find new people with similar or differing opinions. Additionally, adolescents also use social media to document events and post to share with others. When they feel something is out of place, they go on their phones to record it and share it with many on the Internet, which helps bring attention to the issue.

Adolescents have opened up about more personal issues on social media, which is encouraged by many others on social media doing the same. There are many hashtags on social media where LGBTQ teens post selfies with the tag, allowing them to be more open about their sexuality. The hashtag #MeToo, started by Alyssa Milano, allowed many women, including teenage girls, to open up about their experience with sexual assault. Another campaign, #IDONTMIND, is encouraging many teenagers to not be afraid to talk about their mental issues. All of these campaigns are helping to end highly stigmatized issues and give adolescents a way to be honest about who they are.

It is possible that teenagers posting on social media may be disregarded by older populations. Some may say that their opinions are not important or they should not be taken seriously. However, not all adults agree, and teens can always be heard by other teens, which is the target audience for their posts on social media.

Although there are plenty of risks involved with the use of social media, it allows adolescents to be more active in the world and more educated on what is going on around them. Teens no longer need to wait until they are adults to become participating members of society. With social media, they can get a head start on being proactive amidst all the issues in the world.