All hail King

Wain St. John

by Emi Nakahara, Copy Editor

Students were given the decision of whose head would be shaved in efforts to help provide cold caps for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and students answered. Raising an impressive $308, principal George King combed his hair that Friday morning one last time before he bid farewell.

“It was awkward,” Mr. King said. “As I sat there and stared at the audience, they stared back at me making weird faces. It just made me think I looked really strange at the time.”

As the pep rally came to a close, a single chair was placed atop a plastic sheet–and students knew that the time had come for hair to fall. It had been a close competition between Mr. King, Mr. Russell, Mr. Gallo and Coach McCullough, but in the end, the principal won.

“All hail king!” the students chanted as Mr. King’s hair slipped off under the shaving shears.

During the pep rally on Sept. 18, students were challenged to raise money for a specific teacher, and whoever raised the most would have his head shaved to donate to the Rapunzel Project. Mr. Russell came close to losing his hair with $172.

“Mr. King got his head shaved for a good cause, which is great,” senior Pranav Kapoor said. “I also think it’s awesome that he now looks kind of like Walter White from Breaking Bad.”

The moment Mr. King’s head was cleanly shaven, students roared in applause. The principal lost no time in hugging his competitors and taking selfies with the football team and band students.

“Mr. King said he felt a little weird about the haircut, but I actually think it looks good,” junior Vy Dang said. “It was also pretty funny to see him run around the court taking selfies with everyone.”

However, it’s not only the new hairstyle that’s boosted Mr. King’s morale.

“We were able to give the Rapunzel Project $5000, which was fabulous,” Mr. King said. “Everyone’s been very nice, saying ‘Oh, you look younger!’ I’ve also been wanting to do something with my hair for a while without the shock and awe. Now everyone knows what I’ve done with my hair, so it liberated me too.”