Ask Ethan: December

by Ethan Johnson, Sports Reporter

Every new day brings challenges to overcome, whether it’s a test you forgot to study for or simply getting out of bed — we all have goals to accomplish. My goals so far this year have been to make the most out of my time left in high school and get into a college that will allow me to pursue a career in journalism. 

James asks: “How do you study for tests?”

James, studying is all about filling in the gaps. Your teacher’s lesson plan doesn’t always fully prepare you for the test, so when they give you the test review, identify what you don’t know and only focus on that. Don’t spend too much time on things you already know.

Sophia asks: “How do you get Tik Tok famous?”

Good question Sophia, and honestly, the key is to just be yourself. I went viral one time off of a video I thought was really funny and other people enjoyed too. There really is no rhyme or reason to getting Tik Tok famous, just do what you think is funny and hope other people agree.

Steven asks: “Should I take dual credit or AP next year? I’m a junior.”

Take dual credit. Not only is it an easier class for your senior year, AP classes don’t typically prepare you for college, they only allow to get credit, dual credit a much better option, since it’s on a college curriculum. In my opinion, AP classes essentially a way for College Board to make money. The only AP class I would recommend taking is AP Environmental Science if you haven’t taken it yet, purely to get senior release and have a class period off. When you’re a senior, nothing is better than going home early.