Homecoming Gymboree

Homecoming Gymboree

by Elise Miller, Co-Editor-In-Chief of Content


Spending more money on personalization and less money on the venue, the Student Senate has decided to move homecoming back to the gym this year. Aside from the fact that the Plano Centre was booked for homecoming weekend, and is currently under construction, this year’s homecoming is expected to have better music, and more decorations.

The gym wasn’t the only option that senate had in deciding which venue to choose. According to student senate teacher Mrs. Skyla Harvey, the other option they usually go with is Southfork Ranch.

“We didn’t want to do South Fork twice because prom is there.” Harvey said. “It’s very, very expensive there and they make you do everything through them. So we had a short amount of time to find another venue.”

In addition to this obstacle, many other logistics were considered last spring when the newly selected student senate made the decision to have the dance on campus.

“Decoration-wise and people-wise, it was going to work better at the gym,” Harvey said. “As we started planning it, they got really excited. They’ve been making videos about it and spreading the word. I think we’re going have the best homecoming in forever.”

Plano Senior High School and Plano West Senior High School already have their homecoming dances on their campuses, so the idea of having the dance in the gym seems logical to senate member,senior Lexi Gladney.

“A lot of people have been warming up to the idea of it being in the gym.” Gladney said. “You spend less gas money because it’s close, everyone knows where it is, [and] it’s more relaxing and comfortable so everyone can turn up. It’ll be more fun.”

There has been controversy surrounding the homecoming venue, and according to Gladney, that doesn’t really matter.

“Some people are saying that they’re not going to go because it’s in the gym and some people are saying that they’re going to go because it’s closer,” Gladney said. “People are complaining about homecoming being in the gym, but honestly it’s not about where it is, it’s about who you’re hanging out with. Just have fun with the friends that you’re going with.”