Teens speak up

Student makes documentary about teens’ struggles with mental health

by Carrieona Moncure, Reporter

Vice President of the student council and founder of Black Culture Club senior Tremaine Chappell released the documentary “An Adolescent’s State of Mind” May 22. 

“He pours his blood, sweat and tears into every piece of work he does,” senior Ava McLeod said.

In his junior year English class, his teacher assigned a research paper. Chappell decided to write his essay about the mental health issues in teenagers. 

“He is super dedicated and super motivated,” senior Citlali Rodriguez said. “I don’t think I have ever seen him down and he has a lot of potential for sure. He is always ready to go and do something.” 

Many of the students involved in the making of this project say Chappell brought them all together. Alongside Chappell was senior Zach WIlliams, who helped record and edit the documentary. 

“This [started out as] just a simple essay; he never realized he’d end up turning it into a motion picture film,” senior Zach Williams said.

Chappell’s inspirations Stevie Wonder and Pete Rock, taking music-based courses in high school and making music is what drives his love for music. One thing Chappell hopes to accomplish is for people to come to realize now is the time to open up about their mental health issues.

“In our generation, we have a lot to say but we don’t want to say it,” Chappell said. “What I hope will come out of this is [for students] to come out and state a case and really stand our ground on the issues that are really attacking our generation.”