Lewis’ Library


Photo by Elena Hamlin

Librarian Steven Lewis works with senior Kemka Anamekwe in conducting research on April 23.

by Andrew Cox, Reporter

The school library isn’t the stereotypical silent, sterile library. It’s a place where students gather not only to read, study and work, but also feel comfortable to socialize, relax, and let loose with their friends. Going into the library at lunch, you hear just as much friendly conversation as group project work.

This approach to having a more inviting and vibrant library is due to the efforts of its librarian of 14 years, Steven Lewis. On any given day, Lewis does anything from order new books to refine the library’s selection, deliver talks to students about his most recent reads, to teach students research tactics. However, his passion lies in making a positive impact on student’s lives.

“It’s exciting to get kids who don’t traditionally read or haven’t picked up a book since sixth grade excited about an author,” Lewis said.

Lewis views his responsibility as not just to his students’ learning and reading, but to their well-being too.

“It’s like how if you take [some teachers], their favorite part of class is the 10 minutes before they actually start teaching,” Lewis said. “And sometimes that’s the teaching. A lot of my favorite students here don’t read that much at all, but they come in because the library is a social environment, so they feel comfortable hanging out with their friends.”

It’s an attitude Lewis can relate to because, at one point, he was in their shoes.

“I didn’t read much in high school or even in college,” Lewis said. “I was an art teacher for nine years before I became a librarian, but in the 90s, my wife and I read the “Harry Potter” series as they came out and that rekindled a joy for literature.”

It’s a joy that continues each day for Lewis, as he continues to mix his love of literature with making connections to students.

“The biggest feather in the cap is when a student swears up and down that they haven’t read a book in five or six years and they’re so excited about a book that I recommended that they come back asking ‘Okay Mr. Lewis, what can I read next?’” Lewis said.