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The News Source of Plano East Senior High School

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The News Source of Plano East Senior High School

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Staff Relationship Advice


With Prom season right around the corner, many may feel pressure to find a date. For those already in a relationship or thinking about getting into one around this time, the PESH newspaper staff has compiled some advice that may be helpful. 


“I think the most important thing in a relationship is understanding and supporting your partner through everything that they do, whether that’s with family, or friends, or extracurriculars in school,” editor-in-chief Sydnie Grayson said. “I think understanding that your partner cares about what you do is something that’s really important because it shows that you have a bond that’s bigger than just you two; it’s bigger than just the relationship.”


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“In relationships, I think it is really important to find interest in what your partner is passionate about,” photo editor Megan Glass said. “Whether that is about a very niche topic or what their drive is in life, it’s really important to have respect for your partner and their interests. By creating a bond with your partner about things you don’t necessarily have a passion for but just like seeing them be joyful about a certain topic, it truly shows you care.”


“I think one of the most important parts of a relationship is understanding your partner’s love language, so you can understand them as people, how they enjoy their time, and how they respect you as a person,” reporter Shar Kiefer said. 


“You have to be honest in a relationship with your partner,” reporter Abdullah Farid said. “Even if it’s a really small or a really big thing you have to be honest to not cause any misunderstanding in future.” 


“One of the most important things in a relationship is to always try to find interest in mundane everyday things,” reporter Celine Tan said. “If you spend a lot of time with someone, it’s very easy to take things for granted but you have to work through problems together and actively show interest in each other’s everyday activities even though it may not be the most interesting thing all the time.”


“I would say the best piece of advice is to always have trust with the people you have relationships with,” creative director Varsha Jhanak said. “Whether it be your friends, your parents, or your partner, not trusting them causes more miscommunication and causes more problems. Assuming the best and clarifying things with them is always a better option than accusing them of things or being rude.”


“A relationship should feel natural,” multimedia manager Aveesa Bhayani said. “Sure, there will be some bumps in the road but your significant other should be your partner in life. They should push you to be the best version of yourself and stay through all the ups and downs and you should be willing to do the same. Don’t settle. You’ll find the right person when you’re ready.”


“Spoiling your partner should never be one-sided, both partners should feel appreciated,” reporter Liliana Aguilar said. “Relationships are not meant to be perfect 100% of the time, if it was too perfect you’d get bored in the end. Having bad days is okay as long as you can overcome them. Never leave your partner over a gloomy day.” 


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