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Super Price Tag: Economics Behind Super Bowl Sunday


As the last seconds on the overtime clock ticked, millions held their breath in anticipation of the final play. Super Bowl LVIII ended dramatically as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 25-22. It is estimated that around 400,000 people came to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl and collectively spent nearly $500 million during their stay. The high price of one of America’s biggest sporting events begins well before Super Bowl Sunday during preparations to build a football stadium. The 2024 Super Bowl’s setting was the Allegiant Stadium, which cost 1.9 billion dollars to build. According to Business Insider, cities like Vegas build new football stadiums with the hopes of hosting the Super Bowl. 

“Maybe over time, it will be worth it, but not in the immediate 20 years,” economics teacher Michael Ford said. “You spend a billion on a stadium and you have the Super Bowl, and maybe 400 million comes but you’re still at a 600 million loss, you know? All that money gets dispersed throughout the neighborhood but not necessarily to the person who built the stadium.”

Governments pour money into their cities’ infrastructure in anticipation of the big event. Improved transportation systems and an expansion in the number of hotels allow cities to better take advantage of the increased tourism brought by the sporting event. The prices for hotels less than a mile away from Allegiant Stadium, like Mandalay Bay and Delano Las Vegas, surged to an average of $443.84 a night compared to the typical average of $193.36. Additionally, the increased visibility of a city that the Super Bowl provides will generate more tourism for the location in the future. This also makes hosting locations more attractive for new businesses, benefiting the city long-term. The economic impact during the event itself is also substantial.

“For one, it draws in the people,” Ford said. “People stay at hotels and motels so that right there increases the revenue plus eating. Then, the locals benefit because they stay open extra hours and they’re getting full tables at their restaurants.”

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Restaurants in a host city aren’t the only ones benefiting from high spending during the Super Bowl. Polling by WQAD radio revealed that the average cost to host a Super Bowl Party is $86.04. Though seemingly low, total spending across the country for the food, drinks and decorations needed to throw a party reached $17.3 billion. This brings customers to restaurants and businesses nationwide as shoppers rush to purchase Super Bowl essentials before hosting on the big day.

“My family usually goes all out for the Superbowl,” junior Nia James said. “We’ve never bought  a new TV or anything but we usually buy a lot of food and snacks when we host a [Super Bowl] party.”

$7 million is the price that companies pay for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl. For many people, Super Bowl commercials are the event’s highlight, and they look forward to seeing which jokes, skits and celebrities will stand out the most. According to research by Veylinx, Super Bowl commercials increase consumer demand for products by 6.4% and are 20 times more effective than regular television ads. From chip brands to insurance companies, Super Bowl commercials are an effective technique to increase sales through the Super Bowl.

“My eyes are already glued to the television, and usually, the commercials are hysterical,” Ford said. “Those commercials really have an impact, even if you don’t think they’re impacting you. You’re already in a certain good mood, and then you’re just primed to remember their product.”

For football fans, celebrity run-ins, the star-studded halftime show, and the chance to see the big game in person are some of the many reasons a person might consider attending the Super Bowl. Most of these reasons, however, are not enough to outweigh the price tag required for this experience. These tickets cost an average of $8,400, putting the tickets at a price that most cannot pay. 

“I personally don’t think it’s worth it to pay a lot of money for a Superbowl ticket, but I can understand why some people want to go,” James said. “It’s one of the biggest events in the year and it’s a once in a life goal to be able to say you went to the Super Bowl.”

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