Taste of Home at DeRa Coffee Shop



DeRa signature drink

Tucked into the corner of Park and Los Rios, a new cafe opens every morning at 7. A breath of fresh air from chain coffee shops, DeRa coffee is an Arabic-owned, small cafe with a menu designed with decadent Arabian syrups and spices. 

The signature DeRa latte, made with cardamom, ginger and date syrup, is a taste of home with every sip. The texture is just like any iced latte, but its taste is reminiscent of a classic South Asian dessert known as kheer or rice pudding. The sweet syrups are sure to coat your tongue with sugar and a hint of spice. Although DeRa isn’t the first coffee shop to add a bit of fun to its coffee flavors, they spin a unique mix of Arabic culture into your favorite caffeinated beverage. 

In addition to the unique menu, DeRa is the perfect location for all your Instagram-able study sessions. When you first step in, you are greeted with a warm green color scheme, which in any other circumstance would be hard to pull off. Placed in the entrance is a sign that reads “With you, I’m home,” a summation of the nostalgic aroma that wafts in from the kitchen. With a smell that will remind you of your mom’s kitchen, the menu has more to offer than just coffee. Another favorite on the menu: the De Ra signature burger with a side of crispy fries, a taste you’ll never forget. The burger is stacked with pickles, spinach, tomatoes and an iconic sauce with a hint of Arab spices and citrus. Paired with another popular coffee choice, the Spanish latte, both items are sure to spark your taste buds with a mix of spices you’d never expect. 

However, DeRa is the gift that keeps on giving because in addition to binge-worthy burgers and coffee, they offer a selection of baked goods ranging from chocolate chip cookies to lemon zests. The range of selections can be hard to choose from; here is a basic run down. The lemon zest: a bit sour, the citrus-to-sugar ratio leans heavily on citrus. If you are looking for a sweet and savory snack, this may not be the choice for you. The pies, however, are the perfect flaky texture available in different flavors such as cheese and pecan. 

To tie it all together, DeRa has impeccable customer service and although some of their products come with a price tag comparable to a venti Starbucks drink, the homey feel and Arabic drinks make stepping into the coffee shop an experience you’ll never forget.