Valentine’s Day Without Chocolates, Roses

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated to honor Saint Valentine through a feast. Because he is also known as the saint of lovers, Valentine’s Day is named after him as he was a martyr in the third century. In modern times, Valentine’s Day is a holiday emphasizing love around the world. Most individuals spend this day with their loved ones and significant others. Unfortunately, not everyone has a significant other to spend this holiday with.

In recent years, social media popularized the standard that Valentine’s Day is only for those with significant others or those who they feel strongly for. Fortunately, that is not the case. Hallmark, originally a greeting card company, popularized this day by creating pressure to obtain a valentine. This social pressure emphasizes either the sudden need to buy a gift for a significant other or simply finding something to do to feel a part of the holiday. To subside this pressure, there are several ways someone can spend their Valentine’s Day without having a valentine.

The main way to spend this loving day would be to spend time with best friends. One way to do this is to throw a ‘galentine’s’ party where close friends come together to celebrate friendship in spite of not having a significant other. The event space could be decorated with heart strings and fun red and pink lights to go along with the theme of love. Another thing one could do is bake some treats such as brownies, macarons, cupcakes or cookies.

Another way to spend this day would be to simply stay active and go to the gym. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, most of the people who go to the gym may be out with their friends and loved ones. Fortunately, the gym may be a quiet place to get all of the feelings out and just work out. Several gyms, including the Oak Point Recreation Center and Club Fitness, have plenty to offer including the treadmill, ellipticals, leg press machine and other machines an individual can use to build muscle, lose weight, or just remain active.

If someone is not interested in a big gathering, self-care nights are also a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Get some face masks whether they’re sheet or cream, nose strips, under eye patches and lip masks and relax with some romantic comedies in the background. Popular romantic comedies include “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days,” “Clueless,” “10 Things I Hate About You” and “He’s Just Not That Into You.” These movies, although all about finding that special someone, are truly classic chick flicks that elevate the spirits through laughter and pure happiness.

For those individuals who are interested in someone as a Valentine, don’t be afraid to speak up and go for it. Valentine’s Day is yet another holiday where the world isn’t quite sure why it is celebrated, but it’s always fun to do so.