Spring Cleaning

Five tips to getting organized

by Riya George, Reporter

An extended shelter-in-place order provides the opportunity to start on jobs you’ve been putting off. One way to stay motivated for the rest of the semester is to ensure a clean and organized living space. Take advantage of your time at home by following these five tips while quaran-cleaning.

#1. Start a list

The first step to spring cleaning doesn’t have to involve actual labor. Make a to-do list with every area that needs tidying up as a starting point. As you go through the spring cleaning process, check off what you’ve done. To-do lists help create a sense of accountability, while crossing out completed tasks can be a form of stress relief.

#2. Turn it up!

Pick a favorite song and drown out any distractions to make the work go faster. According to Dr. Teresa Lesiuk’s studies, music can increase productivity while you work. Your favorite tunes can also energize you and put you in a better mood. Find a cleaning playlist from your preferred music streaming app, like Spotify’s “Cleaning Kit,” and sweep to the beat!

#3. Worst first

Tackle the hardest part of your to-do list first. If you dread cleaning an area, conquer it before anything else so you can move on to the easier tasks. Whether it’s bathrooms or ceiling fans, getting tricky chores out of the way makes the rest of your cleaning endeavor easier. 

#4. Make it a game

Try to transform duties into contests or tournaments. For example, color-coding when organizing clothes and supplies. Start off by picking up everything red and once you’re done, pick the next color. If you’re cleaning with a sibling, turn a task into a competition. Promise yourself a break as an incentive, then move on to the next step!

#5. Reduce, reuse and recycle

Instead of tossing all your junk and contributing to the 91% of plastic accumulating in landfills, try to see if you can recycle or repurpose any items. Leftover glass bottles and cardboard boxes can serve as storage or DIY decorations. If you can’t repurpose something, separate food waste from plastics, paper, glass and aluminum before recycling.