Reduce, Reuse, (Don’t) Recycle

Several factors cause the school to drift into the dark side of trash deposition

by Van Malone, Sports Editor

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It is well known that the school doesn’t recycle. Most of the recycling bins around school have both bottles and wrappers, both cans and chip bags. Why wouldn’t we just recycle?

One problem is the students and faculty are not putting the correct materials in the correct bins. Simple as that. According to principal George King, the school operates on an honor system when it comes to recycling and the majority of the population either forgets or just doesn’t feel like it. When the custodians (who are a separate company entirely) come to see the large amount of trash in the recycling cans, they just throw it all away in the same place.

Considering that recycling centers will take money for people’s recyclable materials, it could benefit the school if we did follow through with this procedure.

Hypothetically, let’s say we did get paid for recycling…

If every one of the 3,300 students recycled one aluminum can, and the cans were worth around 1.7 cents (calculating…….) that would end up to be around 5,610 cents, which turns into about $56. Now that’s nothing to throw a party over, but that is just in one sitting. If math isn’t your thing, skip this next paragraph (not really).

Those $56 multiplied by five days in a school week is $280. If every student repeated this action for a month, it would amount to $1,736. Now we are getting somewhere. If all the students recycled aluminum cans every day for an entire year and the school collectively brought those cans to the plant, they would raise $20,462. Woah. When doing the figuring, I didn’t account for teachers and I didn’t account for the number one plastic that sells for a dollar a pound and the number two plastics that sells for $.50 per pound.

As this math so dutifully explains, if we recycle then we monetarily and emotionally benefit from the entire plan.

We have to stop blindly blaming the school as there are plenty of other underlying reasons that we don’t recycle. In order to start recycling, we need to take matters into our hands, students and staff alike. A great example is Ms. Kristin Shapiro, who takes recyclables and recycles them herself. Enough throwing away our trash in the recycling bins because it is not healthy for the Earth. According to It takes aluminum on average 200-500 years to decompose. I’m willing to bet that you aren’t Wolverine and will live (almost) forever. Yes that was a spoiler. Also, according to it can take plastic bottles 1000 years to decompose. Not even the late great Wolverine could see that through (yet another spoiler).

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