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In Defense of Self-Defense

Marilyn Kirby shows young girls self-defense tactics on a dummy target in Plano, Texas on Mar. 26, 2011.
November 5, 2018

Violent crimes make up a large portion of the overall crimes committed at schools, which may include anything from physical attacks without a weapon to sexual assault and robbery. During stressful times...

23 Questions with Hayden Flabiano

October 16, 2018

Part two of 23 Questions series with Gracie Warhust

Juliette’s Declassified School Survival Guide: October

Juliette’s Declassified School Survival Guide: October
Agendas function as study tools
October 15, 2018

Despite all the jokes and memes surrounding the experience, it’s still all too common for students to close their books at the end of the day, turn off their phone, climb into bed and shut their eyes...

“The Click (Deluxe Edition)”

Album art for
October 5, 2018

In AJR’s most recent album, “The Click (Deluxe Edition)” the band takes an honest tone in their music, emphasizing their personal, but relatable, insecurities and the not-so-aesthetic parts of their...

Picturing Autumn

Seniors Sophia Donaghy, Evanna Momtaj and Gabrielle Collins enjoy an Autumn day at the pumpkin patch on Oct. 22, 2017.
Photography locations, tips for new season
October 3, 2018

As leaves begin to fall and temperatures begin to drop, the season of autumn arrives. Nature’s rich colors bring out the beauty of the season, making it a perfect time of year for outdoor photography....

Plano East Traditions

September 27, 2018
Time-honored traditions at the school.

IDs Make Students Safer, Just Slightly

IDs Make Students Safer, Just Slightly
September 25, 2018

All students and staff are now required to wear an ID while on campus and utilizing district transportation to increase campus security and prevent outside threats. Although there are flaws in this new...

23 Questions with Imaad Shah

September 25, 2018

Part one of 23 Questions series with Gracie Warhust

Lanyard Dress Code Policy Provides Opportunities for Self-Expression

Lanyard Dress Code Policy Provides Opportunities for Self-Expression
September 24, 2018

  Love them or hate them, the new security policies are definitely not empty promises. Not all of them are in operation yet—the PA system has yet to be installed—but students’ daily lives...

Band Director by Day, Ping Pong Champion by Night

Mr. Albert directs the flutes during marching practice after school on Sept. 13.
Q&A with Mr. Albert
September 24, 2018

Q: How long have you been a band director? A: “This is my 5th year, so four years at McMillen and then start of the 5th year now.”   Q: What made you want to become a band director in...

Reserved Parking Spots

Reserved Parking Spots
Limitations of new, expensive tradition for seniors
September 21, 2018

The number of senior reserved parking spaces increased this year from 93 to 253, allowing more seniors to purchase and paint a spot in one of the three student lots. The new tradition to decorate the campus...

Sexualization Through Dress Code

Sexualization Through Dress Code
High school dress policies exclusively target teenage girls
September 18, 2018

On Aug. 17, Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas released a video explaining their dress code guidelines. This video was meant to educate the student body on their dress code policy and how to avoid...

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