Panther Prints

Sevval Erenkol
Sevval Erenkol is a senior, and this is her first year on the Panther Prints staff. As a new reporter, Sevval is eager to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a journalist. Growing up in a household of educators has made her interested in writing about the transition from high school to college. Outside of school, Sevval is the president of the Youth College Ambassadors club that raises college awareness. Sevval loves graphic design, which she has explored by taking years of art classes and digital media. She is also a self-taught video producer and does freelance work in her community to gain experience. In her final year at the school, Sevval wanted to join the newspaper staff to be a voice for the student body. After graduation, she would like to pursue a career as an art director.

Sevval Erenkol, Reporter